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What Parenting Experts Are Saying

I Am Going To Recommend Them Wherever I Go

Mary Pipher (left) with Kathy Masarie Click to play Video!

Mary Pipher (left) with Kathy Masarie

“These magnificent guides will deepen and strengthen every family that uses them. They will build community and allow us to develop emotionally sturdy, well-behaved and civic-minded children.

I wish every neighborhood in America would create discussion groups that utilized these marvelous guides.  They will help us raise a healthy and happy millennial generation.  I am going to recommend them wherever I go.”

Mary Pipher, PhD
Author of Reviving Ophelia, Shelter of Each Other, In the Middle of Everywhere, Writing to Change the World, Seeking Peace

This Material Is So Rich And Comprehensive, Yet It Is Presented In A Step-By-Step Format

What an incredible wealth of information, resources, guidance, and processes which Raising Our Daughters offers to parents and caregivers in every community.  This material is so rich and comprehensive, yet it is presented in a step-by-step format so that the parent groups can gradually gain knowledge, exchange experiences and wisdom, reflect on their own practices as well as hopes and dreams, and develop skills and mindful strategies to influence their daughters’ lives so positively.

One of the very best aspects of this guide is the core approach in which you recommend it be delivered: parents making connections together to jointly increase their confidence, find support, gain understanding, and strengthen their own safety network.

The relationship between a girl and her parents is always, in the end, the central bond of influence. Raising Our Daughters acknowledges, celebrates, and empowers adults to empower their daughters with wide-reaching tools through the power of group connections.  Get together with a group of parents and start this journey now! You will be so glad you did.

Beth Hossfeld, MFT
Co-founder of the Girls Circle Association and Boys Council

…Guides Parents Through The Terrain Of Adolescence

“What a powerful, positive resource!  Raising Our Daughters truly guides parents through the terrain of adolescence, offering diverse voices, detailed information and clear directions for creating small supportive communities in which teens and families can stay connected and thrive.”

SuEllen Hamkins, MD
Co-author of The Mother-Daughter Project: How Mothers and Daughters Can Band Together, Beat the Odds and Thrive Through Adolescence

What Mothers And Fathers Are Saying

Cassie Was Starting To Get Into Quite A Few Issues In 3rd And 4th Grade…

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Sandy Little, Parent of a son and daughter

I Was Continually Surprised At How Valuable And Relevant The Information Was

“When my wife first asked me to participate in Raising Our Sons parenting group, I reacted like most husbands probably would, feeling it was more of an obligation than something I truly wanted to do. Once I got into it, though, I was continually surprised at how valuable and relevant the information was.

To men who are reluctant to participate, I just have to say, ‘If you care about your sons, reading this material and participating in the discussion groups is a very valuable experience.'”

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Dan Van Lehman, Father of four sons and a daughter, Lake Oswego, Oregon

It Gave Me Tangible Resources From People I Trusted

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Deanna Nihill, Mother of a boy

What School Professionals Are Saying

The Curricula Are All Excellently Done…

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Kathy Keller-Jones, School Counselor

Tremendous Resource For School Staff Eager To Help Families And Students Achieve Success

“When questions arise from counselors and principals about how to deal with gender-based problems, Raising our Sons and Raising our Daughters curricula are just the tool to address the issues. The discussion groups are a leading force in the community and a tremendous resource for school staff eager to help families and students achieve higher levels of success.”

Betsy Cole, Assistant Director of Student Services for Portland Public Schools, Portland, Oregon

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The Benefits Of Starting A Parenting Group

Raising Our Sons Discussion Group Helped Us All Navigate More Clearly

“There is a lot of concern about the pressures our sons are under to be tough and stoic and underneath it are feelings and other capabilities that are masked. Plus we worry about the effect of media and electronics on our sons. What do parents do with those issues? How do we support our boys in a loving way?

Raising Our Sons Discussion Group helped us all navigate more clearly.”

Kate Willis, Mother of four sons and a daughter

I Was Able To Build Community In A Place I Didn’t Feel Community Before

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Deanna Nihill, Member of a Raising Our Sons and Raising Our Daughters parenting group

Kathy Masarie Convinced Me I Could Start New Groups And She Was Right

“When my daughter was in 5th grade, I became aware of Raising Our Daughters. I had an interesting beginning because my daughter was in 5th grade, so in our particular parent group she was the youngest. I got to hear horror stories of peer aggression that I could not even believe were going on in middle school. So that was my wake up call.

And, of course, I’d read Mary Pipher’s wonderful book Reviving Ophelia and all I can say about these courses is that there’s nothing like awareness to really affect your life. I mean, people are going through challenges and if you’re not able to talk about it, you won’t even know that it’s widespread and it’s not just your own little world, your own little problem.

Maybe from a kid’s standpoint you’re alienated anyway so at the age of adolescence you think all your problems have never happened to anybody else and that you are the freak and you are the outcast. Kathy Masarie basically convinced me I could start new groups and she was right.

It was easy enough to start other groups of parents and tell them that the good news is that by joining a group they’ve already made a step toward understanding the social problems, personal problems, and challenges that today’s kids face. My daughter, by osmosis, was getting a lot of information from the courses about what’s going on in the world. I always wonder: did that shield her? I don’t know.

I know that awareness is where it’s at because otherwise we don’t even talk to each other in the house. People who don’t eat together miss out on so much; family dinner is a concept that we talked about in our class. Just the idea of it, it seems so simple, and yet, I know that my kids count on it even more than I do. I’m a single dad so that was a great thing and it still is. My 24-year-old son still lives with my teenage daughter and me. Our lives are better because of these courses.”

Daniel Flessus, Parent of a daughter