Parenting and Compassionate Communication Classes

Connect by Coaching Your Kid Classes

For upcoming group “Connect by Coaching Your Kid” classes, check out our calendar. To arrange a class with your friends, email or call (503) 292-4162.

Are you frustrated with the mood swings, erratic behavior and disconnect with your child or teen? Does your child or teen feel respected, listened to, and understood? Does your child or teen take responsibility for the choices he/she makes? In this class, parents learn to “coach” their kids with great success. Coaching can support you to learn new habits when the old parenting style is no longer working. Learning how to coach your teen gives you some powerful new skills to connect. “Coaches” ask probing questions, listen well, and believe their clients–tweens/teens–are whole, creative, and resourceful. This parenting course is based on the book Parent as Coach, Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s work on Non-violent Communication, and additional resources gathered by Dr. Masarie during her over three decades of professional work with families.

Compassionate Communication Classes

For upcoming group “Compassionate Communication” classes, check out our calendar. To arrange a class at your workplace or with a group of your friends, email or call (503) 292-4162.

Compassionate Communication is a powerful tool. It can give you the life you long for, one based on open communication, trust, respect and cooperation. Compassionate Communication allows you to connect with others as well as yourself, no matter what the behavior looks like. This creates a calmness and clarity that nurtures relationships and fosters a healthy, vibrant life. This six-session class or weekend workshop is based on Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s model of communication outlined in Non-Violent Communication. The facilitators are Dr. Kathy Masarie and Dr. Jody Bellant Scheer. Each session goes in depth, using real-life experiences and situations at home and at work.

Understanding Self and Others Classes

For upcoming “Understanding Self and Others” personal growth classes, check out our calendar. To arrange a class with your friends, email or call (503) 292-4162.

This personal growth class explores why we do what we do and why others behave differently. You’ll learn about Intuition, Choice Theory, Myers-Briggs personality typing, the ancient art of the Enneagram, Voice Dialogue, Learned Optimism, the research behind Happiness, and more. Understanding different styles, perspectives, and tendencies liberates us from staying trapped in a box of being unaware. Interestingly, as we learn to understand ourselves and others from new angles, we’re more apt to truly listen to our own hearts and each other, ultimately, connecting more deeply.

Simplicity Parenting Classes

We currently have no “Simplicity Parenting” classes on our schedule. Check back on our Web site another time.

Inspired and trained by Simplicity Parenting guru Kim John Payne, we sometimes offer Simplicity Parenting classes. In them, we will address your home environment (stuff), schedule, and family rhythm, and learn about the power of filtering out the adult world for children. This powerful parenting movement has the potential to shift our culture from “too much, too fast, too soon” to one that is in sync with the natural rhythms of life. The blessing of this shift will be calmer, happier, and more secure kids.