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Parenting Talks and Professional In-Service Workshops

Dr. Kathy Masarie has inspired thousands of parents and other adults through her parenting talks and keynote addresses over the past decades. Her presentations usually last 90-minutes but those highlighted with an * are also available as all-day workshops. Seminars are most commonly organized by the parent/teacher organization of a pre-school, elementary or middle school. They are also given at businesses, conferences and places of worship.

If you would like to attend one of Dr. Masarie’s upcoming talks, check out the Events page. If you are interested in bringing one of these talks to your school or organization, please email or call (503) 292-4162.

Dr. Masarie can talk on any number of parenting topics that fit your need. Some ideas include:

  • Raising Our Daughters and Sons Really Does Take a Village*
  • As our culture pulls families apart and emphasizes “being cool,” you need a force to keep your family connected and a culture that values kids for being who they are. You can create that force by building a village of people who care. Through this presentation, you’ll learn ways to foster the connections, honesty, and trust that allow you to be authentic. You can build a village where our families thrive and where kids become resilient, capable, responsible, and caring young adults.

  • Raising Our Daughters
  • Girls have made some great strides academically and athletically, yet they still struggle. They wrestle with low self-esteem and feel pressure to be sexy, materialistic, cool, and “the best.” Learn what our daughters really need in order to thrive.

  • What About Boys?
  • What struggles are boys up against today? How can we raise them to be strong, yet sensitive and compassionate, too? Learn some specific strategies for listening to and communicating with our sons.

  • Stop the Bullying*
  • What are the social dynamics in our culture today that lead to bullying and peer aggression? Learn about the research, how to reduce bullying in schools, effective incident intervention, using compassionate communication to foster empathy, and how to empower bystanders and targets.

  • Connect by Coaching Your Kid
  • Connecting with your child is one of the most powerful ways to protect him/her from risky behavior. Learn to listen without judgment, have empathy for yourself and others, how to focus on connection as the top priority, and move from “administrator” to “coach” to best support your child through the teen years.

  • Compassionate Communication*
  • Compassionate Communication is a powerful tool for creating trust, respect and cooperation in your relationships. Learn how feelings and needs are at the core of all human behavior and how to connect with empathy to others, no matter what their behaviors look like.

  • Celebrating Coming of Age
  • Coming of Age rituals of indigenous cultures celebrated sexual maturity and promoted a sense of belonging, self-worth and self-restraint. These rituals are more valuable than ever in a modern culture of prolonged adolescence, unhealthy outside influences, and entitlement–“too much.” Learn how to plan a Coming of Age Celebration for your budding teen to avoid the unhealthy “rites of passage” they might choose on their own. We will share the critical components of a coming of age program and examples to use in your congregation, school, nature, or family.

  • Brain-Aware Parenting
  • During this very interesting seminar, Dr. Masarie will share insights into brain development, how the brain learns and grows and how to create the family brain!

  • Kids & the Media
  • Kids have become the epicenter of family buying and are being targeted by marketers from all directions. With Facebook, texting, Wii, and all the technology available today, they are being sucked in more and more and more. Learn about the power of media literacy to reduce the influence and ultimate harm.

    Dr. Masarie’s upcoming parenting talks

    Connect by Coaching Your Kid Classes

    For upcoming group “Connect by Coaching Your Kid” classes, check out the Events page. To arrange a class with your friends, email or call (503) 292-4162.

    • Are you frustrated with the mood swings, erratic behavior and disconnect with your child or teen?
    • Does your child or teen feel respected, listened to and understood?
    • Does your child or teen take responsibility for the choices he/she makes?

    Parents can learn to “coach” their 12-18 year olds with great success. Coaching can support you to learn new habits when the old parenting style is no longer working. Learning how to coach your teen gives you some powerful new skills to connect. “Coaches” ask probing questions, listen well, and believe their clients–teens–are whole, creative and resourceful.

    In this four-session parenting class, you’ll learn skills to appreciate, respect, listen to, understand and connect with your child to support him/her on the journey to responsibility and independence. This parenting course is based on the book Parent as Coach: Helping Your Teen Build a Life of Confidence, Courage and Compassion, Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s work on Non-violent Communication and additional resources gathered by Dr. Masarie over nearly three decades of professional work with families.

    Dr. Masarie’s upcoming parenting classes

    Compassionate Communication Classes

    For upcoming group “Compassionate Communication” classes, check out the Events page. To arrange a class at your workplace or with a group of your friends, email or call (503) 292-4162.

    Compassionate Communication is a powerful tool. It can give you the life you long for, one based on open communication, trust, respect and cooperation. Compassionate Communication allows you to connect with others as well as yourself, no matter what the behavior looks like. This creates a calmness and clarity that nurtures relationships and fosters a healthy, vibrant life.

    This six-session class is based on Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s model of communication outlined in Non-Violent Communication. The facilitators are Dr. Kathy Masarie and Dr. Jody Bellant Scheer. Each session goes in depth, using real-life experiences and situations at home and at work.

    Upcoming Compassionate Communication classes

    Understanding Self and Others Classes

    For upcoming group “Understanding Self and Others” classes, check out the Events page. To arrange a class with your friends, email or call (503) 292-4162.

    Understanding why we do the things we do and why others do the things they do and “drive us crazy” can lead to a new level of peace and happiness with our loved ones. Looking at our behaviors from several different angles is key to appreciating our differences. Dr Kathy Masarie will share insight gained from the world of life and parent coaching that supports people to move toward the life and the relationships they long for. Topics covered in the six-session class include Intuition, Choice Theory, Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, Mindful Brain and Science of Happiness.

    Upcoming Understanding Self and Others classes

    Trainings on Starting Raising Our Daughters, Raising Our Sons, and Face to Face Parent Discussion Groups

    For upcoming trainings, check out the Events page. To arrange a training with your friends, email or call (503) 292-4162.

    Getting a parent discussion group started and keeping it going is as easy as 1-2-3. It is easy, that is, when you use the Raising our Daughters, Raising our Sons, or Face to Face Parent Guides as the curriculum. During these 1.5-hour trainings, you’ll learn everything you need to know to organize a discussion group with other parents at your school, place of worship, library or neighborhood community center.

    Upcoming trainings