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Make Your Job Easier!
Use These Guides to Foster Strong, Healthy & Thriving Families at Your School

  • Do you feel overwhelmed, scattered between too many projects with too little time?
  • Are your anxious about not being able or knowing how to help a student in need?
  • Have you experienced the satisfaction that comes from taking preventative action but struggled to balance this with your day-to-day work?

Dear School Professional,

My name is Kathy Masarie.  Over the past three decades, I have shared what I have learned… learning that has helped 1000s of school professionals and parents raise healthy, thriving children from pre-school through their teen years.

I have done this through:

  1. My easy-to-understand and field-tested parenting guides, Raising Our Sons and Raising Our Daughters
  2. Leveraging years of wisdom from parents through group discussion.

Starting Raising Our Daughters and Raising Our Sons parent discussion groups at your school will allow you to accomplish the same!

I’d like to help you get the groups started by sharing a few tips I have learned over the years:

  • Ask your PTA for support (market the groups, buy a set of books/videos for the school library, fund bringing me to your school, etc.)
  • Find a parent partner or partners who will serve as Organizer(s)
  • Read the Organizer’s Manual and have your parent partner(s) do the same
  • Check out the Parent Groups pages of this Web site for more details.
  • Set up an Informational Meeting
  • Arrange to have me speak at your school to kick off the discussion groups
  • Read on for more ideas

The Curricula Are All Excellently Done…

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Kathy Keller-Jones, School Counselor

How Do I Learn More About Each Parenting Guide?

Detailed information on each guide can be found at the following links:

Raising Our Daughters: The Ultimate Parenting Guide for Healthy Girls and Thriving Families
Raising Our Sons: The Ultimate Parenting Guide for Healthy Boys and Strong Families

If you still need more information than is provided on this Web site, contact me at

To your professional success,

Signature of Kathy Masarie, MD