Discover the power of Raising Our Daughters and Raising Our Sons parenting groups through the words of other school professionals:

Raising Our Sons and Raising Our Daughters Helped Me Become A Better Resource In My School

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Maureen “Moe” Caryl, Child Development Specialist, Portland, Oregon

The Parenting Groups Were So Popular That We Had Six Different Groups Start In Two Years

Raising Our Sons and Raising Our Daughters parenting groups were so popular in our middle school that we had six different groups start in two years. The best outcome is the connection that parents experience by being part of the groups—something that I, as a counselor, cannot give—it comes from being part of a community. Raising Our Sons and Raising Our Daughters promotes that over and over.”

Holly Van Edmunds, Middle-School Counselor and mother of two sons, Portland, Oregon

No One Else In The Community Has Gathered Such A Great Array Of Articles

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Dana Goss, MPH, School Counselor, and parent of two sons and a daughter

This Collection Of Excellent Writings… Is A Powerful Springboard For Discussions (Between Parents)

“As a school counselor, I focus on creating a culture of respect and caring and find that Raising Our Sons and Raising Oour Daughters parent discussion groups are a very useful vehicle. This collection of excellent writings, organized around the developmental trajectory of childhood, is a powerful springboard for discussions. We rotated the leadership of the meetings, which led to every member feeling valued. The resulting relationships formed a great foundation for these parents to draw on for years to come.”

Anne Santa, PhD, School Counselor, parent of two adult sons, Yonkers, New York

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