Scheduling Dr. Kathy Masarie for Parenting Talks, Conference Keynotes, & School Staff Workshops/Trainings

KathySchools and other organizations can benefit from Dr. Masarie’s experience and wisdom and use her time in a variety of ways. She can address three constituencies: school staff, parents and organizations. Her talks can be devoted to child development, parenting tools, school culture or be tailored to address particular challenges a school or organization may be facing.

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Parent presentations by Dr. Masarie are typically 1.5-2 hours long and can be shortened or lengthened upon request. They can take place in the morning or the evening. Informative handouts (presentation overview plus recommended resources listings) are supplied to participants. Dr. Masarie also will stay for an additional 20 minutes to discuss starting parent groups using her Raising Our Daughters/Sons/Face to Face books.

Topics for the parent presentations vary (click here for a comprehensive list of topics and their descriptions). If your school is interested in Community and Asset-building, “Raising Our Sons/Daughters Takes a Village” is the appropriate parent talk. If addressing peer aggression is a concern, then “Stop the Bullying: Why Can’t Our Kids Just Get Along?” would be a good choice. Or, you may want to offer “Raising Our Daughters” one evening and then “What About Boys?” the following morning.


For staff training, schools have found the following topics (click here for topic descriptions) to be particularly relevant:

  • Addressing Verbal Bullying and Relational Aggression
  • Communication for Understanding and Connection

If you choose to focus on building the tools to create a safe social climate for students, Dr. Masarie will assist you in developing the infrastructure for an effective anti-bullying program that parents proactively support.

A daytime staff training or workshop can be scheduled for 2, 4, or 6 hours.  With Dr. Masarie visiting, you may also want to arrange breakfast/lunch meeting(s) on “Asset-Building Communities” with community leaders.


If you are hosting a visit by Dr. Masarie and would like to have a book signing/sale, you are welcome to order books through We can offer you a 40% discount on books by calling (503) 292-4162. You may choose to pass the discount on to your buyers or sell the books at retail prices to supplement fundraising or author visit programs.


To schedule Dr. Kathy Masarie for a conference, staff workshop, parent presentation or classroom discussion, please contact Dr. Masarie at or (503) 292-4162.